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Economic Development Finance

Whether we are representing a real estate developer, private business, state government, municipality, port authority, or school district, DiPerna Advisors has the experience, problem solving capacities, resources, and relationships to deliver comprehensive and cost efficient financing structures for any type of development project. We have financially structured and closed transactions for businesses across many different industries for various asset classes, with project sizes ranging from approximately $1 - $300 million. 

Sources of Capital

Competitively priced capital from a variety of Governmental Programs.


The capital markets for long-term, fixed rate capital from investment grade bond funds.


The capital markets for low-interest, variable rate debt for creditworthy borrowers.


Conventional construction financing.


Structural techniques that, in most cases, provide bottom line savings.

Strategic Relationships


Over the past 30 years, Mr. DiPerna has cultivated a network of strategic partners that has allowed for a supremely efficient delivery of resources and services for his clients. 


These relationships include state and city government officials, investors, bankers, developers, contractors, vendors, specialty service providers, attorneys, among others. 


Having an understanding of development finance is only the start. Knowing which professional deal team to assemble to fit a project's distinct character is just as important. Often times, these are the critical decisions that get overlooked. 

Structuring Techniques


Off-Balance Sheet Financing.


Tax-Exempt Bond Financing for small business manufacturing, assisted living, airport facilities.


Construction sales tax exemptions, property tax exemptions.


Property tax redirection for public and (when eligible) private development improvements.


Negotiating income tax and bed tax grants with municipalities in order to incent the development of economically stressed projects. 



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