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Green Energy Finance

While reducing carbon emissions can come in many forms, DiPerna Advisors is focused on financially engineering energy efficiency and alternative energy transactions for any type of asset that will improve or reduce the overall energy consumption, create alternative energy sources and assist with deferred maintenance. 


Since its founding in 2011, DiPerna Advisors has been one of the leaders in structuring and providing financing solutions for green energy transactions throughout Ohio. We assisted in the creation of four energy efficiency financing programs within the state of Ohio.

Green Ohio Financing Programs

DiPerna Advisors advised the State of Ohio, the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority, the Columbus-Franklin County Finance Authority, the Dayton-Montgomery County Port Authority, and the Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority in the establishment of their respective green energy financing programs. These programs finance energy efficiency and alternative energy assets ranging from $500,000 to $7,500,000 in investment. 


These programs provide long-term fixed rate debt that can efficiently be assumed in the event of a sale or, in many instances, passed on to the benefiting party in the form of a CAM Charge. We find that the assessments frequently are offset by the amount of the reduced utility bill. 

Property Assessed Clean Energy


A federal initiative that was adopted by Ohio in 2011, Property Assessed Clean Energy (or "PACE") is an innovative financing mechanism that allows energy efficiency and alternative energy assets to be financed and secured by the property. 


Since PACE was adopted, DiPerna Advisors has been one of the industry leaders in implementing the innovative structuring technique for commercial projects in Ohio.


We view PACE as a win-win proposition for both lenders and property owners. Lenders benefit from the super-senior lien position. Property Owners benefit from the investment being an obligation of the property, not of the owner. This produces unique tax advantages and increased valuation opportunities.


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