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Green Energy Finance

The World Bank reports that in the first eight months of 2015, the world has seen more than 120 climate related disasters. Fourteen of the fifteen hottest years since record keeping began over 130 years ago have been since the turn of the century (2000–2015). DiPerna Advisors is committed to green energy finance in Ohio and the Midwest. Whether it is reducing the carbon footprint of an existing property or implementing energy reducing mechanics or finishes, it is about doing what is right for the planet, property owner and tenant. 


"Green Energy Finance" focuses on projects that are renewable and more energy efficient. Some green energy assets we have financed include:

Solar Photovoltaic Panels


LED Lighting

HVAC Systems

Waste-to-Heat Co-Generation  

Automated Building Control Systems 

Efficient Roof Top Units



We are also focused on financing wind and hydroelectric systems as a means of producing clean energy. We hope our passion for a zero carbon emission world continues to push the climate change conversation forward. 

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