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Firm Overview

DiPerna Advisors is strategically located in Columbus, Ohio, serving clients throughout the Midwest. We are a structured and public finance firm that assists both private sector and public sector clients in identifying and structuring capital sources for development projects; often leveraging development incentives to strengthen the project's return on investment. Our experience combined with our dedication to our clients empowers us to deliver highly effective and cost-efficient financing solutions.

Access to Capital


Much of Mr. DiPerna's success can be tied to the various investment grade bond funds he established in the 1980s and 1990s. There are 8 separate investment grade funds that have the ability to provide long-term, fixed rate debt for correctly structured development projects throughout the state of Ohio. DiPerna Advisors still serves as the Financial Advisor to these investment grade funds. 

Financial Structuring


Every development project faces its own unique circumstances and challenges. However, each challenge represents an opportunity. Real estate economic development incentives can be leveraged and coupled with traditional financing mechanisms to deliver lower weighted average costs of capital. DiPerna is skilled in its ability to identify and secure those unique capital resources to solve development challenges.

Company Results


Since its founding, DiPerna Advisors has structured and closed over 550 project transactions for approximately $3.7 billion in capital investment. We have structured and closed financings for Fortune 500 corporate headquarter projects, manufacturing and industrial facility expansions, mixed-use development projects, senior care and assisted living facilities, multi-family housing developments, and public infrastructure/parking. 

Representative Clients

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